Thanksgiving Crafts with the Grandkids: All About Gratitude

Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

When Thanksgiving draws near, most think of gathering with family or close friends. Some will remain virtual but many of us will finally be seeing our family this year around the holidays and that alone is something to celebrate. And what better way to spend quality time with family than with planned arts and crafts activities – especially with the little ones running around.

Here are just a few arts and crafts perfect for time with your grandkids this fall:

Thanksgiving Wreath –a way to showcase all you are thankful for this year.

  • Materials: colored paper (red, yellow, and orange) and pencils, scissors, thin cardboard, glue, and imagination!
  • Learn more here for full instructions or attend Inter Valley Health Plan’s online ‘Thanksgiving Wreath’ class below coming up on November 10th at 11am.

Gratitude Turkey Pumpkin – This project gives kids a chance to get a little messy with paint. Once pumpkins are painted, brainstorm all the things you are all grateful for and those messages are placed on the pumpkin – to replicate a turkey. It’s a perfect and meaningful decoration for fall.

  • Materials: small pumpkin, 5-10 toothpicks, tape, paper cut into small leaves, paint and paintbrush, googly eyes, brown playdough/clay, scissors, colored cardstock
  • Learn more here for full instructions

Pick Me Up Jars – Positivity is the focus of this creative project. Each mason jar can be decorated in fall colors, and you place positive affirmations inside the jar. Every morning, you can grab an affirmation to help start your day off right. Affirmations can be in the form of quotes, goals or even all the things you are grateful for this year.

  • Materials: colored paper, markers/colored pencils, glue stick and little pieces of folded up paper.
  • Learn more by attending Inter Valley Health Plan’s online ‘Pick Me Up Jars’ class on November 13th at 11am.

The Thankful Tree – Another way to give thanks is with leaves on a tree. Kids can write meaningful messages on colored paper and paste them as leaves on the Thankful Tree. It’s a perfect craft for kids of all ages and can be hung up for all to enjoy every year at Thanksgiving.

  • Materials:different color paper, glue, markers, or crayons
  • Learn more here for full instructions.

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