Have a Hobby? There is an App for It

Those of us who have hobbies might be used to doing them the old-fashioned way. In other words, if you like board games, you probably have many of them stored in your closet. Or maybe you have an actual room for hobbies like knitting or scrapbooking. These days, hobbies like these can all be done online via apps right on your phone, tablet, or computer. Whatever hobby you have, you can feel confident there is an app for it. Check out these apps that can be easily downloaded on your IOS or Android devices.

If cooking is your favorite thing to do, explore the Epicurous app. It contains popular dishes, kitchen hacks and list of top recipes. There is an ‘add to shopping list’ and helpful timer feature. The search function helps you find exactly what you are looking for either by ingredient, meal, dietary concerns, holiday, or type of cuisine. You can also use the app to keep all your recipes in one place – in the ‘recipe box’ feature so it’s easy to pass down to your grandchildren.

If board games are how you like to spend your free time, you can play them easily on your mobile device (or computer) anytime, anywhere. Just think, you can play a game while waiting for the doctor or in line at the pharmacy. It certainly helps make time go by faster. Here are just a few you can download and try:

Knitting is a very common hobby and now with the use of knitting apps, hobbyists can keep track of their favorite yarn, its yardage for certain projects and the various cost at different stores. When choosing the right app, you will want to look for those that help you learn new techniques, measure gauge, count stitches and store projects and patterns that you can access at any time. Whether you’re an expert knitter or just getting started, here are a few apps to consider: KnitCompanion, Ravit, Stash2Go, Alpaca, KnitciLoveKnitting, and JKnit Pro.

Fitness can be fun and easily become a hobby if it isn’t already. We all know how important it is to stay active and now with so many apps available, its easy. There are apps for everything from walking to tai chi to yoga and quick workouts. Here are three fitness apps suited for those 50+.

  1. Map My Walk – doing this low impact activity, you can download this app and set personal goals, log your walks, save your favorite routes and find new places to walk nearby.
  2. Yoga Studio – this app contains more than 100-ready-made yoga videos and meditations – from five to 60 minutes. You can even build your own class from a library of 280 poses with instructions for each.
  3. 7-Minute Chi – tai chi is a great way to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. This app makes it easy to squeeze in a quick daily session. Audio prompts help guide your breath and movements.

Technology has made life easy and fun for hobbyists of all types. There are only a few hobbies listed above but here are other apps to consider: for sports lovers, CBS Sports, for scrapbooking, try Digital Scrapbooking, and for gardening, there is SmartPlant.

All apps can be downloaded using an IOS or Android device.

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